About Tay Safety Ltd

Tay Safety Ltd is a professional, ‘hands on’ safety support and Consultancy Company for all sizes of business and companies. It has a main core theme, to give real professional direct accurate information with support and advice. Tay Safety does not give copious amounts of unnecessary useless paperwork and jargon, such overloading and diluting real preventative measures in the work place.

Paperwork on its own doesn’t save lives or reduce accidents. Managers need support, not confusion!

We have dedicated professionals with practical real hands on safety experience with knowledge of employment, managing and operating business. Safety support is readily to hand, to match your site requirements. One of our consultants has twenty two years’ service and experience as one of HM Inspectors of Health and Safety, working for HSE in Scotland.  It represents an excellent experience, gaining a knowledgeable background, with hands on experience of what’s required in the workplace.

Real hands on experience, real help for business, real help for owners, managers and directors.

We know time is critical for busy managers; we have the expertise to complete health and safety support for industry, helping company managers & staff to prioritize business, with safety needs.


Tay Safety offers a whole range of safety services, tailored to suit any size of business. We take on small medium or large companies, size doesn’t matter, and safety does.

We like to think we are unique, real help and guidance to busy managers, backed up with site specific documentation, personalized to the company. Paperwork matching site conditions.

We cover a whole range of safety topics, general information, policies, safety guidance, training etc which have been devised, offering uniquely, realistic practical solutions, to include:-Policy documents: Company Policy:   Organizational Policy:  Drugs, Alcohol policies & much more

Risk Management            Safe Systems of Work                     Risk Assessments

First Aid                      Manual Handling                  Noise               COSHH      Health & Hygiene

Accident Investigation       Site Audit                                      General Site Inspections.

Managing Safety                            Job Descriptions                                        Training Needs

Transport Systems                              Mechanical Safety                                 Investigations




Do you manage your workplace risks well?                         Do you want or need to improve it?              Are you in general compliance of regulations?  (Do you know what they are?)Are you responding to events?   Are you hoping ‘it will never happen? What do you do if it does?Do you have a load of paperwork you believe is suitable for the cause? 








Contact Tay Safety experienced health and safety consultants, we’ll give you honest and worthwhile advice & help on your systems.

Put your feet up, enjoy the ride! Invite us in to discuss safety and what if anything else you need.

It’s that simple!

All our documents are site specific and each are personalized to the company, in color.

Ring Mike 07979756348                                e mail   micsafe.m@gmail.com

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